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Fethiye Places to Visit | Discover The  Most Beautiful Spots!

How Many Days? It is possible to visit Fethiye in 2-3 days. Or even more .

Best Time to Visit?

Of course, the best time to visit Fethiye is during the summer time or spring when the weather gets warmer. our driver will indicate to you the place.

Transportation: Dalaman Airport is approximately 50 km from the antalya center and you can reach directly by using HAVAŞ shuttles. HAVAŞ service the fee has changed since the economic crises you can check the main website. although this option, you can rent a car or take a taxi. and that is a bit pricy we would like to offer you our service as a private transfer or car or private driver who will be a friend in this journey.

What to eat?

If only Babadağ, the most famous flavor in Fethiye, you can find all kind of famous turkish food lahmacun pide and manti etc …Average meal price per person depends on the restaurant but generally with economic budget it could cost  around 10 dollar to 20 .

*Most Popular Destinations


Fethiye Museum

Fethiye Archeology Museum

where? Fethiye Museum,it is active since 1987  The museum, which consists of two extensions, Archaeological and Ethnographic, contains content from periods like Roman, Hellenistic, Byzantine, Bronze and Archaic. In the archeology section of the museum; contains sculptures, statue heads, ceramics, metal and glass are exhibited, in the ethnography section; It belongs to the Fethiye region and check with the agency you booked with or your tour guide or the driver to show you exactly how to get there. There is also a garden in the ethnography section, and in this area there are exhibits of stone artifacts, inscriptions and sarcophagi.

Why you should visit fethiye

 It is an absolute wonderful natural with a large forest and beaches, lush landscape, sandy landscape and warm sea. In addition to the natural beauty, the opportunity to do different activities will also attract you.

Don't miss it out! The first of these is paragliding. Save the maintenance of its defective view to Babadağ, which has the most beautiful paragliding track! At the same time, you can join boat, safari, horse or tours, do water sports or nature walks. there are many private tours transfers agencies will introduce you to these activities.

While swimming in the sea and widening in its long golden sand, you will hella be glad you came here! among the beach You can also do water sports or cars, sailboats, jet skis. Everything is close from hotels located at the back of the beach, close to restaurants shops ...

Calis Beach

Located very close to the center of Fethiye You can go to Calis Beach, on foot or by minibus. The fact that you will arrive immediately in a few minutes is a good advantage for you. It is known that it has the most beautiful sunsets, as it is one of the most well-known beaches of Fethiye.

Why should I go?

Of course, swimming is not the only reason You will personally see that the number of people who come to take a walk along the beach in the evening even more. Surrounded by hotels and restaurants, it provides direct access to everything you need. the private driver is always an option for people who likes comfy trips and luxury service we have got vip transfer for them.

You will be surprised that especially the night life is more lively and active. We are sure that you will have romantic moments while sitting on the beach with live music.

Warning! Since the sand of the beach is hard, it is useful to have sea shoes with you. if you don’t your private driver will take where to get them with a good deal. The sea is wavy, some parts are shallow and some parts are deep. Those who do not swim very well and families with children should not forget to take precautions.

Yanıklar Village

The beach is one of the rare natural beauties that have remained untouched. We can even say that it is the address of those who seek silence, calmness and peace. You will see closely the magnificent structure of Yanıklar Village with the gardens and adobe houses around it.

Since Coretta turtles live on the beach, it has been a protected area and it seems quite possible to come across one of them when you arrive. Swimming in an immaculate and glassy sea… Its untouched, lush nature… It will make you feel so glad you came!

Akmaz Beach

Where is here? Since it is located very close to the center of Fethiye, it is one of the more preferred beaches by the local people. The fact that it is surrounded by trees will provide you with comfortable shade and you can have a barbecue or picnic in this area with your family or friends.

The fact that the sea is wave-free is an excellent feature for both families with children and those who are worried about swimming. It is also possible to meet everything you need from the restaurant located on the beach.

Karatas Beach

Where is here? Located right next to Cali

From the wooden bridge, you will join this adventure with its ice-cold water. Do not be afraid of traveling on the bridge, it is a really solid structure attached to the rocks with iron bars. After a little while, a tiny island greets you after the valley.

dont be afraid to ask wher you like to go our driver will pick you from anywhere with a pre-book and take you to any spot in fethiye we provide the best service in turkey with high quality facilities suitable to everyone.

Why should you go?

Between woody journey and watery activities, you will not only admire the view, you will also love the different activities in. There are many activities such as raftingzip linejumpinghiking and nature walks and trek to arrive!

warning!In the canyon, you may have difficulties due to the water and rocks. Don't forget to take your tires on this road! Also, don't forget to add a spare outfit! You will get too wet.

Secretkent Waterfall

47 km from is not easy to reach the waterfall. our service will definitely get you to the closest place and facilite your trip

The waterfall, which is more preferred and loved by nature lovers, is the place preferred by most people. With the sound, you will rest your head with the peace and calm. You can also swim under the waterfall. Don't forget to take a photo too!

Butterfly Valley 

it is an absolute amazing experience you will get the full guide from your travel agency or your transfer company considering the instruction to a bettertrip. Pay attention to the mossy rocks while hiking so that your feet do not slip! Be careful not to make noise as you will witness the butterflies in the valley up close!

Kabak Bay

33 km from Fethiye, is one of the most beautiful experiences in Fethiye. Bringing nature lovers and adventure lovers together, Kabak will wipe the rust from your eyes with its perfect view.

First of all, you can join boat tours and go there which is the easiest solution. on road or with car could be quit difficult or would take too much time. If you come to Uzunyurt Village with your private vehicle, you will have to park at one point and go down to the bay. and the driver can’t go any further since the descent road is a bit bumpy, we can say that adventure and adrenaline enthusiasts come into play at this stage. Alternatively, you can choose minibuses, but this seems the most difficult Unfortunately, you have to jump a lot as it has bumpy and narrow roads.

Why should I go?When you reach the bay, you will realize that all these difficulties are worth it with the view you will encounter. One of the best alternatives to get away from the crowd and noise and spend a quiet, calm and peaceful day.

Katranci Cove

Katrancı Bay, 16 km from Fethiye, is located in a nature park. The park consists of three main areas and the first is generally preferred by daily visitors. second by night; while those who want to camp prefer it, the other is dark; who want to have a picnic.

Daily Darkness

Located 17 km from Fethiye, Daily Village is located within the Küçük Kargı Nature Park. It is known that it takes its name from the daily trees in the region and that these trees are also used in the most of manufacture of medicines and perfumes. When you come to the bay, those unique scents will spread to your nose in the first place…

You can have a picnic or camp which is one of the indispensable points ofboat tours. You can also enjoy a hammock or enjoy your holiday by participating in boat tours. If you are one of those who like to be alone with nature, this bay is for you! No wonder it is among the most famous bays of Fethiye!

Places Suitable for Children

-Aqua Parks

Oludeniz Water World

Oludeniz Water World, which you can have fun with your children, it is water slides and pool size enchantments. In addition to restaurants and markets, we should also include various organizations and events.

Bubble Marine Park

Where? Bubble Sea Park, which is a place with lot tracks, is in a game where you will with your kids have a great time. You will love this concept, which will be built on soft ground. Jumping from air mattresses into the water it just perfect! In addition to swimming and having fun, you can also have a picnic and barbecue.


Dalaman is one of the most preferred holiday destinationsDalaman, which is appreciated for its natural views, is almost a tourism paradise. Apart from the beaches of the coves, this is a must find historical place and place. If you wish, take a look at our Dalaman Places to Visit article.

how do i reach Let's add that the distance between Fethiye and Dalaman is 70 km. You can reach by private vehicles or buses.


Untouched and lush green, one of the best seas around, Dalyan is located on a canal connecting Köyceğiz Lake and the Mediterranean. Iztuzu Beach, Antique City and more visual tastes in gel for Dalyan, which also conquered hearts with its historical structure. For this, order now; Dalyan Places to Visit in our article!

how do i reach The distance between Fethiye and Dalyan?The distance is  67 km and you can reach it by private car or public transportation. Assuming you are interested in your private vehicle; Let's say we will guide you to the way in Göcek and Partners. As another option; You can also use the in-car minibuses of Fethiye.


Taking part in the banning of Ortaca, Fethiye andMarmaris got this name. One of the untouched natural beauty is undoubtedly Ortaca., you will be amazed. We recommend that you come to Ortaca, with a private transfer or a rented car which will impress you with its warm and friendly atmosphere.

how do i reach The distance between Fethiye and Ortacathe distance is 50 km and you can reach it by minibus or bus.


where? Of course, Babadağ comes to mind when paragliding is mentioned. Located just behind Ölüdeniz, Babadağ is a part of its parachute. We are sure that the environment will affect you with its different forest areas. Also, don't just think about the parachute! You can join jeep safari tours and go to the cable car at the same time. Passing through the restaurants located here, enjoying the wonderful view.

Yaniklar Village

Where is here? Yaniklar Village, located 15 km from Fethiye, is one of the magnificent spots to be seen. It has managed to stand out from other villages with its beach, lake, hotel and many other things. You will also like the fact that there are walking and cycling tracks in the village.

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